Concerning June 20th

Events large and small, miscellany, curiosities, &c.

Being the 171st day of the year, with 194 days remaining.

World Refugee Day.

Born today : Guitarist and record producer Chet Atkins, “Mister Guitar,” in 1924.

Departed today : Howard Johnson, founder of the chain of restaurants and motels that bore his name, in 1972.

Today in history : The University of Oxford received its charter, in 1214.

Endeavour to learn something new every day.

Fact of the day : As Queen, Elizabeth II can turn any parish in England into a university.  From This Book…of More Perfectly Useless Information ~ See at

Quote of the day : “Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else.” – George Halas.  From BrainyQuote

Word of the day : Balmy (bah-mee) 1 a : having the qualities of balm : soothing.  From Merriam-Webster

June comes from Juno, the Roman queen of the gods.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month.

June birthstone : Pearl, for health.

June flower : The rose, Rosa sp.

“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.” – Al Bernstein.

Professor D. O. Durant's Original Encyclopedic Calendar

“Whilst the publisher makes every effort to verify the accuracy of the information presented herein it should not be used to decide wagers, resolve border disputes, or settle disagreements between spouses. Thank you.”

From the preface of the first
edition of the calendar.